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Katarzyna Estate was established in 2006, located at the same latitude as some of the world 's most famous wine regions.The location of  the Estate is unique as it has been created in the former bordline area, the so-called No Man's Land area between Bulgaria and Greece, at the south – east part of Bulgaria, in a virgin nature, preserved from human activities during the last few decades.

The winery is situated on 10 000 sq. m floor area of 3 levels, built on a natural hill. This technology implies that the production process is carried out by the way of gravitation and with a minimum use of pumps, thus securing the softness of the wines and their high quality.


The climate is temperate continental, with Mediterranean influence. An important feature here favouring the development of the vineyards are the warm winds blowing between Sakar Mountain and East Rodopi Mountain. Typical for the region are the warm summer and mild winter (January temperatures rarely fall below 1°C), the relatively small annual temperature amplitude, the autumn-winter maximum of precipitation, as well as the lack of steady snow cover during winters. The sunny, warm and relatively long autumn is perfect for the good grape ripening. Katarzyna Estate is situated in the region with the highest degree of sun shining in Bulgaria. The cumulative temperature during the vegetation period exceeds 4000°C. 

The winemaking philosophy of Katarzyna Estate implies that the wine is born in the vineyard and it only needs to be taken care of while in the cellar. By using traditional winemaking techniques the aim is to express the unique terroir of the vineyards and create wines featuring the elegance and exquisiteness of the Old World, revealing the purest balance of fruit, acidity, oak and tannins. Furthermore, the winery is in its last year of certification for organic production which ensures the grapes are well treated in a sustainable way.  

Katarzyna Estate owns 550 ha of vineyards situated in one of the best wine growing regions of Bulgaria. The different varieties and clones of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignion, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Tempranillo, Carmenere, Mavrud Chardonnay, Sauvignion Blanc, Semillon, Viognier, Muskat and Traminer are selected to perfectly match the climatic features and the structure and type of soils. All this with the purpose to  reveal to a maximum extent the terroir of the region. The planting density is 4130 vines per ha with 2.20 m space between the rows and 1.10 m between the vines. The vines have been trained at double Cordon. Applying modern viticultural practices, irrigation system and dynamic canopy management the aim is to  balance the yelds in order to make the best of the vineyards.

Modern equipment, laboratory analysis and new barriques are used, but the real results come from the work of the inspired team of the winery, who implements its knowledge, skills and experience with great passion. 

The grapes are hand picked at their optimal technological ripeness. Only healthy, carefully selected grains are used.  The fermentation takes place in 10 m3 and 15 m3 stainless steel tanks and 400 l French oak barrels.

The wines age in new French oak barriques, regularly filled up. Track for the qualitative changes, due to the contact between the wine and the oak is being kept. It has been experimented with different types of oak from different regions with different level of toasting. After bottling the wines additionally age in subterranean tunnel with constant temperature of 14° C and humidity of 75%. 

The frescos on many of the walls of the cellar depict the encounter of Dionysian and Eleusinian Mysteries with their Thracian roots. Katarzyna is a real bridge between wine and art and it is an inspiration for the creative work of anyone who has sensed the fragrance of its vineyards and tasted the wine elixirs of the cellar.


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Review from Ed Huijzer, tasted at the Dutch Wine Festivals

It was nicely busy again and sure a successful event. Bulwine participated at the Dutch Wine Festivals in Groesbeek. Beside wine lovers who knew us from previous editions, we reached a lot of new people there. And, of course, the surprise for them was even greater. 

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