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The Bulgarian Terroir


The Unique Geographical Location …

Located in the Balkans, near the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Turkey, and on the Black Sea at the same time, Bulgaria meets all the criteria common for the renowned terroirs. Bulgaria lies on the same latitude as the most famous wine regions of the Old World in France, Italy and Spain.


The Combination of Two Climates ...

The climate in Bulgaria is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Balkan Mountains (600-3000 meters). The combination of two climates - moderate continental and Mediterranean climate, provide for acidity (freshness) and concentration thanks also to the more than 200 days of sunshine a year. This unique combination gives the Bulgarian terroir its typical character of power and finesse.

The continental climate is more pronounced in northern Bulgaria with hot summers and cold winters. To the south of the Balkan Mountains, which separates the two climates, the climate is softer and increasingly bears the Mediterranean features. Winters are cold with average daytime temperatures of -2°C to the north and +4°C to the south. During the summer the temperatures rise to an average of 23°C to the north and up to 35°C to the south. The average temperature from April to September is 23°C. Along the Black Sea coast, the temperature in July and August is usually around 30°C. Fortunately, the sea breeze and the night winds bring some refreshing cool air. The most rainfalls are at the beginning of the summer. The average precipitation is 600 mm a year, in the mountains - 1000 mm a year, often in the form of snow.



The Warm Winds ...

The warm winds from the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea warm the air up over the plains and valleys. This warm air rises up to be replaced by the cool air masses coming from the mountains. This particular air circulation has a strongly sanitizing and draining effect on the vineyards in the Thracian valley and prevents them from development of diseases.


The Diversity ...
The diversity of micro-climates (the mountains and the valleys keep the air masses and stimulate air circulation at the same time, causing significant climatic nuances between areas that are relatively close to each other) contribute to a rich palette of flavours, depending on the location and the selected assortment of vines.
The Abundance ...
The abundance of shallow soils at the foot of the mountains and hills (chalk, chernozem) in combination with the substrate (sedimentary limestone and sandstone layers) facilitates the deep rooting of the vines and a good water drainage.
The Bulgarian Indigenous Grape Varieties ...  
The typical Bulgarian grape varieties bear their authenticity and specific character. The main varieties are: Mavrud, Rubin (cross of Nebbiolo and Syrah), Broad Leaved Melnik Vine, Melnik 55 (Early Melnik Grape), Gamza, Pamid, Misket, Dimyat.
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Bulwine goes a step further ...

Bulgarian wine celebrates International Mavrud Day

Dedicated to one of the oldest and most distinctive Bulgarian grape varieties, the International Mavrud Day aims to introduce you to the world of Bulgarian wine, particularly from Mavrud, and pique your interest in and admiration for Bulgaria's viticulture and winemaking. It also aims to emphasize the remarkable harmony between tradition and innovation that drives modern Bulgarian winemaking, as well as showcase the quality and stylistic diversity of Bulgarian wines.

Plovdiv in Bulgaria - European Capital of Culture 2019

Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city to take on the mantel of European Capital of Culture. This beautiful Bulgarian city of Plovdiv is also one of the oldest in Europe. The slogan of the city is 'Antique and Eternal'. Located in south-central Bulgaria, Plovdiv is not only an important administrative, industrial and cultural centre, with many universities, various colleges, institutes and museums, but also the birthplace of lots of great wines.


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