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VINICA MAVRUD BIO | From dried grapes

VINICA MAVRUD BIO | From dried grapes
VINICA MAVRUD BIO | From dried grapes VINICA MAVRUD BIO | From dried grapes VINICA MAVRUD BIO | From dried grapes VINICA MAVRUD BIO | From dried grapes VINICA MAVRUD BIO | From dried grapes

Brand: Zagreus Winery
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Officially the most recognizable Bulgarian wine in style, concept and taste profile!


Vintages come and go, quality remains untouched ...


Our VINICA Mavrud BIO was again positively reviewed by DiVino, an organization in Bulgaria engaged in professional wine assessments

Vinica is again among the best Bulgarian wines - 3rd place in the TOP 50 of Bulgaria for 2019. But there is more. In addition, the Vinica won another local competition and has been officially awarded The Best Bulgarian Wine from an indigenous grape variety. The grape is Mavrud and comes from the Thracian Plain / Thracian Lowlands /. The winemakers of Zagreus Winery have managed to get the best out of their Mavrud again ...

* Perswijn is the leading independent wine magazine in The Benelux.


Officially The Best Bulgarian Wine For 2016


Review The Wine and Food Association
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


"Mavrud, organic, the grapes have been dried for 2-3 months outdoors, 15 months oak aging in new Bulgarian barriques; intense colour, dark fruit, nice acidity, succulent, exciting, refreshing, well-balanced, spicy undertones, good oak integration, long fruity finish"


In the Top 5 Nominations for Wine of the Year.
28e Proefschrift Wijnconcours, Amsterdam 2016

Review Jancis Robinson

“Congratulations to Zagreus Winery, from the Upper Thracian Lowlands, who have come up with a really unusual, ambitious and successful red based on Bulgaria's signature grape variety Mavrud. This innovative wine is made, most unusually for Bulgaria, by drying some of the grapes for two to three months after the harvest on racks, the method that is so common in north-eastern Italy for the likes of Amarone.”

Pair with powerful food ...

“Certainly this wine tastes as though it has certain tonic properties. It is long on every sort of phenolic you could think of - colour, tannin, flavour - and needs some powerful food to go alongside. It rather overwhelmed the beetroot arancini, deep-fried balls of beetroot-flavoured risotto, that I tried it with. I could imagine it going well with grouse, long-hung venison or some other strong game. But it's a fascinating wine with just a slightly tarry undertow. It doesn't have the bitter cherry aspect of a Valpolicella Ripasso but it does have the sour plum and velvet character of - guess what? - Mavrud. The fruit is fresh, clean and appetising and someone clearly knows how to make wine here.” 


Colour: Very deep, almost opaque, purple colour;
Aroma: Intense, almost porty nose, mix of aromas of bright cherry, raisin plums and dark chocolate;
Taste: The palate is rich with lovely ripe fruit - dense plum, cherry, raisin, a touch of plain chocolate with some fruit sweetness. Soft but prominent tannins on the finish too. The relatively high acidity keeps the fruit and alcohol in balance and helps lead this wine to a lovely velvety finish. Careful matching recommended!

For current vintage, alcohol percentage and more details go to the tab Specification.


An intriguing wine made solely from the Mavrud variety. In order to concentrate the sugar and acidity, the grapes have been dried for 3 months on straw mats before fermentation. Once the grapes have shriveled, they have been pressed, followed by the fermentation. Vinica Mavrud ages for 15 months in new Bulgarian oak barriques. 

The Mavrud grapes of Zagreus Winery are picked by hands and 100% BIO.


Food: BBQ, Beef, Casseroles and Stews, Game, Duck, Lamb (Grilled, Broiled), Pasta with Tomato Sauce, Pates, Steak (Grilled, Broiled), Venison;
Cheese: Brie, Camember, Danish Blu, Sharp Cheddar;
Temperature: 17-18°C


We recommend you to open the bottle an hour before consumption and serve it in a glass with a big enough balloon to help the wine develop its entire beauty of aromas and flavours.


  • BEST LOCAL GRAPE WINE 2019 /current vintage 2017/ - DiVino, Bulgaria;
  • 3rd PLACE in TOP 50 Bulgarian wines for 2019 /current vintage 2017/ DiVino, Bulgaria;
  • THE BEST WINE OF BULGARIA FOR 2016 - DiVino, Bulgaria;
  • GOUD MEDAL - International Bio Wine Award 2017, Germany;
  • GOLD MEDAL - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2017;
  • SPECIAL AWARD BIO WINE - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2017;
  • GOLD MEDAL - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2016;
  • REVIEW The Wine and Food Association, Amsterdam: 8+
  • IN THE TOP 5 NOMINATIONS FOR WINE OF THE YEAR 2016 - 28th Proefschrift Wine Competition, Amsterdam 2016;
  • 6TH PLACE IN TOP 50 Bulgarian Wines for 2015 - DiVino, Bulagaria;
  • SILVER MEDAL  - The Balkans International Wine Competition 2014;


Grape variety 100% Mavrud
Vintage 2019
Type dry
Alc. % 14,8
Quantity 0,75
Oak aging 15 months
Oak barrels type 225 l new Bulgarian oak barriques
Region Protected Geographical Indication, Thracian Valley

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