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Low Intervention Wines | By Zagreus Winery


Low intervention wines are wines that are crafted with minimal interference or manipulation during the winemaking process. The concept of low-intervention winemaking emphasizes on and allows the natural characteristics of the grapes and the terroir to shine through in the finished wine, rather than relying heavily on additives, technological interventions, or aggressive processing techniques.

Overall, low-intervention wines are often prized for their authenticity, purity, and sense of place. They appeal to consumers who appreciate wines that reflect the true essence of the grape variety and the terroir, with minimal human intervention.

Low Intervention Wines | By Zagreus Winery

Low-intervention Wines | Zagreus Winery | Wines of Bulgaria

The oenologists of Zagreus Winery - Tatiana Stefanova and Dimitar Ivanov have their own idea of what a wine should be and how it must taste. With their the vision of the 'golden mean', they aim to strike a balance between completely natural methods and conventional winemaking practices. Wishing to take the best of these two extremes, they reserve the right to slight intervention in order to achieve the desired style of wine, but not at any price and not compromising their principles.

Basic principles of Tatiana's and Dimitar's approach to making low-intervention wines:

 - Organic or Biodynamic Grapes: They only use grapes that are grown organically or biodynamically, without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. This helps to maintain the health of the vineyard ecosystem and produce grapes of higher quality.

 - Minimal Additives: They limit the use of additives such as sulfur dioxide (SO2), fining agents, and other chemicals to an absolute minimum. Instead, they prefer to rely on natural processes and careful vineyard management to ensure the stability and quality of the wine.

 - Natural (spontaneous or wild) Fermentation: Rather than inoculating the grape must with commercial yeast strains, they allow fermentation to occur spontaneously, utilizing the native yeast populations present on the grape skins or in the winery environment. This can result in a more complex and expressive final product.

 - Gentle Handling: They would typically employ gentle winemaking techniques, such as minimal pumping, crushing, and filtration, in order to preserve the integrity of the grape juice and minimize the risk of oxidation or other unwanted changes.

 - Emphasis on Terroir: Tatyana and Dimitar prioritize the expression of the terroir - the unique combination of soil, climate and geography that influences the character of the wine. By minimizing manipulation in the cellar, they aim to allow the natural qualities of the grapes and the vineyard to shine through in the finished wine.

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Low Intervention Wines

Low Intervention Wines | By Zagreus Winery

Low Intervention Wines
By Zagreus Winery

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Dedicated to one of the oldest and most distinctive Bulgarian grape varieties, the International Mavrud Day aims to introduce you to the world of Bulgarian wine, particularly from Mavrud, and pique your interest in and admiration for Bulgaria's viticulture and winemaking. It also aims to emphasize the remarkable harmony between tradition and innovation that drives modern Bulgarian winemaking, as well as showcase the quality and stylistic diversity of Bulgarian wines.

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