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Even now when the UK is no longer member of the European Union we continue accepting and sending orders to our clients here. Many retailers and courier companies refuse to but we have found our way. Although the process requires a lot more efforts now, we would always prepare and send your order to you according to all new procedures and regulations. 

Please note that we do not charge VAT on both products and shipping costs. So while ordering you should always consider the price excl. VAT. The price excl. VAT is mentioned next to the price incl. VAT for every product on our website. We advise you to log in first. In this case you will only see the price excl. VAT that refers to you. 

We subsidise the shipping costs substantially so that we can still offer you affordable shipping. Shipping to the UK costs € 28.80 for an order of up to 12 bottles. So, 12 bottles is the most efficient number for you to order. Because of weight and other restrictions a single order can only contain up to 12 bottles. For more than 12 bottles you will have to place a separate order.  



The total price of your order is divided into two parts:

1. The products and shipment costs are paid during the checkout. All these prices exclude VAT. We take the customs administration costs at our expense (€ 15.00 per order).
2. Based on the export papers, once the package has arrived in your country you will receive a payment request from Parcelforce for the Duty and VAT based on local rates. *Please note that only about 30% of all parcels are checked and charged additionally. If you are lucky your parcel will go through without any additional local charges. ;) 

Please be aware that deliveries may take a bit longer than before.



If you do not pay for the local taxes, your order will be returned to us. We will pay you back the sum of your order deducted with the shipping costs plus the customs administration costs for preparing the export papers (€ 15.00 per order).



NL & BE & DE
≥ 12 bottles - free of charge!
*mixed cases considered as 1 bottle

UK orders & deliveries
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Bulgarian wine celebrates International Mavrud Day

Dedicated to one of the oldest and most distinctive Bulgarian grape varieties, the International Mavrud Day aims to introduce you to the world of Bulgarian wine, particularly from Mavrud, and pique your interest in and admiration for Bulgaria's viticulture and winemaking. It also aims to emphasize the remarkable harmony between tradition and innovation that drives modern Bulgarian winemaking, as well as showcase the quality and stylistic diversity of Bulgarian wines.

Plovdiv in Bulgaria - European Capital of Culture 2019

Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city to take on the mantel of European Capital of Culture. This beautiful Bulgarian city of Plovdiv is also one of the oldest in Europe. The slogan of the city is 'Antique and Eternal'. Located in south-central Bulgaria, Plovdiv is not only an important administrative, industrial and cultural centre, with many universities, various colleges, institutes and museums, but also the birthplace of lots of great wines.


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