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We are convinced of the quality potential of Bulgaria as a wine country and we are happy to be an ambassador Bulgarian wine. On our website you will find the most comprehensive selection of high-quality Bulgarian wines in Europe. Lovely wines from Bulgaria with excellent price-quality ratio.

Our range consists predominantly of pure craft wines with great passion for the typical Bulgarian grape varieties. Al our wines are made by winemakers with great passion and respect for nature. Each of them representing their own style and through micromanagement of the vineyards revealing the full potential and characteristics of the terroir. Winemakers we know very well and who usually work biologically and always sustainably.

For wine lovers the good wine speaks for itself and is equivalent to a very special experience. That’s why we focus on quality. All the wines in our assortment have been carefully selected in cooperation with Dutch and Bulgarian wine experts. We therefore guarantee the quality of our wines.

We select and buy all our wines directly from the winemakers. It gives us the unique chance to provide higher quality for a reasonable price.

This is how the most wonderful and complete selection of high quality Bulgarian wines comes into being in the Netherlands. Bulwine invites you to a wine tour to Bulgaria, a country with more than three thousand years of traditions in the wine making.

We always do our best to help our customers to the highest possible extent. High reliability and service are our first priority. In case of complaints or dissatisfaction, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are of course also open to your ideas, suggestions, questions or comments on the website, about the wines or us.

We wish you a lot of pleasure with our wines!
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Bulwine goes a step further ...

Bulgarian wine celebrates International Mavrud Day

Dedicated to one of the oldest and most distinctive Bulgarian grape varieties, the International Mavrud Day aims to introduce you to the world of Bulgarian wine, particularly from Mavrud, and pique your interest in and admiration for Bulgaria's viticulture and winemaking. It also aims to emphasize the remarkable harmony between tradition and innovation that drives modern Bulgarian winemaking, as well as showcase the quality and stylistic diversity of Bulgarian wines.

Plovdiv in Bulgaria - European Capital of Culture 2019

Plovdiv is the first Bulgarian city to take on the mantel of European Capital of Culture. This beautiful Bulgarian city of Plovdiv is also one of the oldest in Europe. The slogan of the city is 'Antique and Eternal'. Located in south-central Bulgaria, Plovdiv is not only an important administrative, industrial and cultural centre, with many universities, various colleges, institutes and museums, but also the birthplace of lots of great wines.


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